Thursday, April 5, 2012

POW Inc. Overview

Company Overview

Pugilistic Offensive Warrior Tactics, POW, is a non-profit charitable organization. You are looking at the spearhead of the New way of thinking to assist Veterans back to civilian life. The 'old way' of medicating Vets into submissive zombies has taken their warrior ethos away from them, along with their sense of pride. POW is on the frontlines, in the trenches changing the Veteran's world - "one round at a time."

POW is a 'grass-roots' program started by Todd Vance in July of 2010. With a huge support network it has been able to reach out to many Veterans in the San Diego area. The program has taken off, and is bigger than ever imagined, with only the sky as the limit to its true potential. The men POW has been honored to train with have become family and the program sustains itself now.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mission and Vision of P.O.W.

Returning Combat veterans exit the military isolated and without guidance or direction on how to succeed in the civilian world. They have a lack of short term goals and miss the discipline and camaraderie that the military gave them. This lack of goals and struggles transitioning to civilian life and coping with the horrors of combat often leads the Veteran down unhealthy paths. Many have physical/mental wounds that limit the success and happiness of the veteran on a daily basis.

To give veterans quality physical conditioning while focusing on Veteran specific issues. Working with physical and mental limitations and learning to overcome and adapt to these challenges. To provide veteran camaraderie and networking, while establishing better health and focus through the short term and long term goals martial arts provides.