About Todd Vance

Todd Vance's Bio:

Todd Vance began his Fight Training at the Young age of 14 Years Old. He was sent by his Parents to San Diego’s Original Muay Thai Training Gym, Black Tiger in hopes that it would keep him out of Trouble. Under the Expert Tutelage of Chris Getz and the Legend, Master Phon, he blossomed very quickly into a serious Fighter. He actually began Fighting Amateur Muay Thai at 16yrs. Old and amassed an Amateur Record of 11 Wins and 1 Loss taking Fights in San Diego, Los Angeles, and Tijuana, Mexico. Before Todd left for the Military he fought Professionally 7 times. He Won 5 and Lost 2, with one of the Losses going all the way to Decision against the Famous Muay Thai Champion Brian Popejoy.

While in the Army, Todd was first stationed in Germany where he became a Member of the Boxing Team and later, the Head Army Combatives Instructor. Shortly after, Todd was sent to Iraq and made Sgt Squad Leader and showed what a Fighter he was by Leading more than 250 Combat Missions and Leading more than 75 Successful Raids, a tremendous amount of Responsibility for a Young Soldier to have. He specialized in Urban Assault, High Value Target Detaining, and Close Quarters Combat. Todd was also annexed to a Special Forces Unit to train “local nationals” in raids, ambushes, checkpoints, and hand-to-hand combat. Todd’s Bravery and Composure in Combat are touched on Multiple Times in a New York Times Best-Selling Book about the War in Iraq entitled My War: Killing Time in Iraq by Colby Buzzell. Todd is also the inspiration for another New York Times Best Seller, Dear John, which was written by Todd’s first cousin, Nicholas Sparks. Dear John has recently been made into a Hollywood blockbuster motion picture, which stars Channing Tatum as the main character “John Tyree”, who is based on Todd.

Since finding UND1SPUTED, Todd has spent the last 4 Years Transitioning from Muay Thai Fighter to MMA Fighter. He has competed twice in Amateur MMA and he is 2-0, one Win by Vicious Knee Knockout, and one Leg Kick Knockout! He is set to make his Professional MMA Debut soon. Todd is also the Striking Coach for UND1SPUTED’s Professional Mixed Martial Arts Competition Team. He Teaches Muay Thai Classes and is also available for Private Training in Muay Thai, Boxing, MMA, or Fitness/Conditioning. In addition to being a trainer of Undisputed’s warriors,

Todd also works at the American Armed Forces Veteran’s Administration, where he counsels American War Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan suffering from “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.” If you’re interested in learning more about Todd’s story, check out the article on the United States Veterans’ Administration’s official website and others: